Take control of your cash operations

VeriBalance is the only enterprise software platform for retailers that connects all points of your cash operations, lowering the cost of accepting cash and increasing efficiency at all levels of the organization. It provides multi-layer security and effortless integration with all your systems and devices to give you an immediate, complete view across your enterprise.

This comprehensive visibility enables you to understand what’s happening across your entire organization without having to manually interact with multiple systems or painstakingly consolidate reports. It puts all the information you need right in front of you – customized to thresholds you choose – so you can be proactive in governing store activity and managing accountability. This precise control means you can address issues before they become problems, making the most of your time at corporate and at each store.

The VeriBalance platform brings together a variety of specialized and finely tuned apps you can use to dramatically improve and then govern your currency operations throughout your business. The platform’s store virtualization technology ensures the right level of integration with existing technologies while simplifying implementations of new systems, regardless of vendor and without any impact to existing relationships.

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Create consistent, optimized enterprise workflow by automating time-consuming tasks and manual processes

Store Virtualization

Employ varying configurations for any store format with a unique, vendor-neutral store virtualization layer that collects, aggregates, and presents data from any retail system or device

Charts and Graphs

Manage accountability throughout your business with corporate analytics and reporting