Know what’s inside safely and securely

The VeriBalance Self-Checkout Management app helps you take control of your self-checkout units and operate them more efficiently. By showing you what’s inside remotely in real time by denomination, the app reduces the day-to-day management of self-checkouts, leaving your staff more time to handle other responsibilities.

With a glance at your computer or mobile device, you’ll see when device dispensers, acceptors or recyclers need attention so you can head off issues before they arise. Staying up to date on the devices’ status means that they can be balanced less frequently and are available consistently, improving customer experience.

Ready to chat more about taking the headaches out of self-checkouts in your stores? Contact us, and we’ll give you a call to discuss how self-checkout management can help.


Reduce labor by counting units down less often


Minimize cash exposure by opening self-checkouts for service less frequently

real time

Track unit contents, pickups and loans by denomination in real time