Get remote, real-time visibility into safe contents by denomination

The VeriBalance Electronic-Safe Management app automates the reconciliation of cash recyclers and smart safes and offers remote, real-time visibility into safe contents by denomination for both store and corporate users. It integrates with any type of safe to alert employees at the store when action needs to be taken. Access to real-time information at the store and corporate enables you to make adjustments and correct problems as needed across your business with speed and accuracy.

The safe and user transactions — like deposits, withdrawals and armored car pickups — are automatically reconciled with the POS, helping store leaders monitor and track over/shorts by cashier. At corporate, you can remotely monitor and track safe activity and contents at every store across the enterprise by denomination. Your treasury team can better manage your cash position, and your loss prevention team can find and address loss or errors before they grow into bigger issues.

VeriBalance Electronic-Safe Management helps make your cash recyclers and smart safes – plus all your other systems and devices, regardless of vendor – more valuable by weaving them together into a best practices model. It brings actionable information to your attention so you can govern your cash operations like never before.

Ready to add value to your cash recyclers or smart safes? Contact us, and we’ll give you a call to discuss how connecting them to the rest of your currency management infrastructure can help.


Automate transactions from the recycler or smart safe to the POS


Monitor store activity and cash position by denomination at corporate

Charts and graphs

Spot and stop loss faster with real-time analytics