Control your cash from the customer to your account

With the VeriBalance Deposit Tracking app, you can track and manage every deposit at every location in your enterprise, monitoring it through every stage until it hits your account. This visibility helps you better manage your cash, reduce and validate bank and armored car fees, and quickly spot and stop loss.

Third-party integration automates tracking via armored car services, while employees at locations that hand-deliver deposits to the bank can use the app’s intuitive tools to keep corporate apprised of deposit status every step of the way.

With real-time, detailed tracking and management of deposits, you can quickly spot errors or fraud. You can also easily monitor and confirm the fees you pay to armored car services and banks for deposits, ensuring you aren’t overcharged for services. Visibility of your deposit amounts and frequency helps you optimize each store’s armored car schedule to more accurately meet their cash needs while avoiding idle cash and cross-shipping.

Ready for more visibility of and control over your deposits? Contact us, and we’ll give you a call to discuss how deposit tracking can help.


Monitor and validate armored car and bank fees


Maintain funds availability and minimize idle cash

Armored Car

Analyze cash needs and optimize armored car scheduling