Control your cash from the customer to your account

With the VeriBalance Deposit Management app, you can track and manage deposits at every stage – from the store to the bank to your account. This visibility helps you optimize your cash operations, reduce bank and transportation fees, and rapidly identify and resolve loss.

The solution tracks deposits made via armored car services or hand-delivered to the bank by employees, as well as offers the unique option to deposit funds via a carrier service. With detailed location tracking, deposits via carrier service allow you to protect your funds and your employees. There are also options available to insure the cash through our exclusive broker and carrier partner. You can consolidate your banking relationships, lowering fees and significantly reducing reconciliation and reporting. 

With real-time, detailed tracking and management of deposits, you can quickly spot errors or fraud, as well as better monitor and validate the fees you pay to armored car services and banks for deposits. You can optimize each store’s deposit schedule to more accurately meet their cash needs while avoiding idle cash and cross-shipping.

Ready for more visibility of and control over your deposits? Contact us, and we’ll give you a call to discuss how Deposit Management can help.

Armored Car

Safely transport funds and track them in real time


Maintain funds availability and minimize idle cash


Analyze cash needs and optimize deposit schedules