Accelerate access to your cash

The VeriBalance Daily Cash Credit Solution provides you accelerated access to your cash. Leveraging VeriBalance’s real-time visibility into your electronic safe data, you can receive next-day credit for cash that would otherwise be sitting idle in your device.

The Daily Cash Credit Solution offers complete management of your deposit process and armored carrier service. Funds are credited next day via ACH to any bank, regardless of geography, and the solution includes an easy-to-use change order system. Eliminate the hassle of armored car management—no more wasted time negotiating costly, long-term armored car contracts—we handle it all.

This solution works with any smart safe or recycler, offering unparalleled flexibility and configurability. Unlike others, you choose the device types and brand(s) that make the most sense to your business (and your budget), down to the store-level. Whether you are keeping existing infrastructure, deploying new hardware or a combination of the two, our software seamlessly connects to any device.


Receive next-day credit for the cash in your safe


Keep existing banking relationships or consolidate for easier management

Electronic Safe

Connect with any smart safe and/or cash recyclcer and configure to your specific needs