Know exactly how much cash your stores have and what they need – by denomination

VeriBalance Cash Analytics helps you optimize the cash in your stores so every location has the funds it needs to operate and your business can use its capital more productively. Using machine learning, Cash Analytics takes the guesswork out of depositing and ordering funds.

Predictive analytics ensure registers, self-checkouts and the store safe are right-sized by denomination, and forecast data is integrated into existing systems to automate the cash ordering process. Because store employees will also know what to hold and deposit, the entire cash process is seamless and simple. Every location will have just what it needs and no more – without tying up back-end labor or exposing cash to potential loss.

Cash Analytics will not only help you remove excess cash from stores but help you keep it out. Intuitive tools let you track compliance with recommended cash levels so that funds held at stores don’t creep back up over time.

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Forecast cash needs based on historical data with predictive analytics


Cut cash exposure and loss by ensuring each store has only the funds it needs

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Reduce and optimize armored car frequency