No two stores are alike – why give them the same tech?

Every retail chain has different technology needs – and so does every store in it. Some have three registers, while others have seven. Some stores are high cash, and some primarily take credit and debit. Some stores are too remote for armored car services, but others get four visits a week.

Juggling the needs of all the stores in your chain is a hassle and leads to too much management of disparate systems by different groups in your enterprise. The VeriBalance platform cuts through the chaos and simplifies your technology by bringing it all together.

Using APIs, VeriBalance can unify all your systems and devices and gather their data into intuitive reporting that helps you operate your business better. Machine learning uses device data to deliver actionable information, like recommendations for stores on how much cash to hold or alerts for corporate when a store metric falls outside a defined threshold.

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Integrate store systems for maximum efficiency


See what’s happening in your stores – no matter where you are


Add or change technology seamlessly