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VeriBalance helps restaurants pay more attention to what matters – food and guests – and spend less time on back-of-house administrative tasks like cash management. It serves as a single point of information about your cash – where it is, how much there should be and whether any is missing. VeriBalance is designed to give you a comprehensive look at your cash to help you manage it from the customer to your bank account.

Because VeriBalance integrates POS data with other technologies in your locations, manual research and time-consuming investigative audits aren’t necessary. Your district managers will spend less time doing spot checks for loss and more time resolving issues. You’ll see at a glance which stores have issues with loss, comps or voids and be empowered to fix it fast.

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pos server

Manage data from any device or service – even beyond cash

stack of cash

See what’s happening with your cash at any point


Focus employees' time on tasks that drive revenue, not counting and reporting on cash