Store Transformation and the Customer Experience Webinar

Today’s retail landscape is challenging — it seems like nearly every article, video and social media post is trumpeting the industry’s impending doom. But, then again, retail has always been challenging. You can protect your business by making specific changes to improve your productivity and efficiency — and drive the transformation your retail stores need.

In a technology landscape crowded with offerings to support omnichannel, personalization and mobile engagement, it’s hard to weigh the options and figure out what’s best for your business. But leveraging technology to streamline processes and strengthening training to improve customer experience are your tickets to boosting your bottom line.

Special guest and industry expert Mark MacLaren of The MacLaren Group joins retail technology guru Rob Bryer for this in-depth discussion of what it takes to get retail right.

In this 45-minute recorded presentation, you’ll learn about:

  • The real challenges of the retail environment
  • What retail success looks like today
  • How to drive change to improve your business with better training and smart use of technology

About the speakers

Mark MacLaren

Mark is the President of The MacLaren Group Inc. For 21 years, his team of 60+ has been providing retailers throughout North America with customized training and deployment solutions for retail technology. In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, change management is the key. His perspective and expertise are unique, as MacLaren works throughout the retail space across all hardware and software solutions.

Rob Bryer

Rob is the Senior Vice President of Product Management for Balance Innovations. He has more than 20 years of experience in retail technology. His expertise in identifying and developing new and unique software solutions keeps the VeriBalance platform on the cutting edge of technology and makes him an invaluable resource to our customers.

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