K-VA-T Case Study: vbInSight

Grocery chain reduces risk and manages cash on hand with corporate reporting

After automating its reconciliation processes with VeriBalance, getting more and better information about store activity was a natural next step for K-VA-T. The company was spending a lot of time and money dealing with paper reports, and they just weren’t getting information fast enough, causing problems to build up quickly.

With vbInSight, real-time alerts show leaders at K-VA-T when cash levels are off or control guidelines aren’t followed so they can address issues quickly. Corporate team members from front-end operations to accounting and loss prevention to field supervisors can receive alerts when thresholds they set individually are exceeded.

In this case study, learn how K-VA-T:

  • Reduced labor costs by 2.8 percent
  • Lowered cash on hand to free up working capital
  • Eliminated spreadsheets and binders in favor of automated alerts and store snapshots

vbInSight helps K-VA-T corporate employees see how their stores perform without unnecessary travel or tedious research. Find out how complete, immediate corporate reporting empowered K-VA-T with better information and greater productivity.

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