Monitor safe contents by denomination

vbSecure is an electronic-safe management solution that gives both corporate and store-level users a remote, real-time view into safes by denomination. The software integrates with smart safes, deposit-only safes or cash recyclers to alert employees at the store when action needs to be taken.

vbSecure automates the reconciliation of deposits and withdrawals made to the electronic safe. At stores with remote fuel centers, employees inside the store can monitor safe inventory in the fuel center, minimizing the risk of transporting cash to and from the store. And if you’re using electronic safes to replace podium drawers in your stores, vbSecure will reconcile the pickups and loans made through the safe to the POS.

electronic safe

Monitor safe levels and activity by location, region, division or enterprise

cash recycler

View actionable cash event reporting and inventory for all recyclers


Track all transactions by denomination

multiple tender

Get immediate access to bank deposit amounts

Ready to better monitor and manage your electronic safes? Contact us, and we’ll give you a call to discuss how vbSecure can make electronic safes more efficient.