Analyze and meet customer demand for cash

vbAnalytics examines cash operations captured by VeriBalance and allows retailers to optimize and monitor cash levels by denomination at each store. It automatically forecasts the optimal cash mix and levels not only for the store overall, but for each register, every self-checkout and the safe.

Keeping an eye on cash-on-hand trends means stores will be optimized and able to meet customer demand without holding unnecessary cash. And with a corporate interface, you’ll be able to monitor and ensure compliance at individual stores and for the organization as a whole.

multiple tender

Analyze and optimize cash by denomination


Customize notifications to be alerted when stores are out of compliance with corporate standards

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Eliminate currency cross-shipping

Ready to optimize the cash in your stores? Contact us, and we’ll give you a call to discuss how vbAnalytics can ensure you always have the right mix and amount of cash.