Reconcile and process checks at the store level

vbEPIX combines real-time POS integration with imaging to reconcile checks of any type (personal, business, traveler’s, WIC, money order, payroll and other specialty checks) accurately at the store. Converting checks to electronic ACH or Check 21 transactions eliminates the need to transport them to the bank, saving deposit correction fees and other bank charges, as well as armored car costs.

Because it doesn’t take place at the register, your customers will not be affected and your workforce won’t require any training or have to change their procedures. With a few clicks by your employees during the VeriBalance balancing process, vbEPIX turns checks into your lowest-cost, worry-free way to accept payment.


Automate check balancing through POS integration

document imager

Employ virtual endorsements and stamps for WIC


Receive funds the next day for all checks


Monitor for fraudulent entry of check amounts at the register

Opposite Arrows

Faster feedback on fraudulent checks

Want to realize the benefits of electronic check processing? Contact us, and we’ll give you a call to discuss how you can make accepting checks efficient and cost effective.