Integrate any technology, new or old

The VeriBalance platform integrates any currency management technology you have in stores or at corporate today and is architected to grow with the needs of your business. Our store virtualization technology makes it simple to connect with modern systems and provides flexibility for working with legacy devices.

What technologies can VeriBalance integrate with? Anything you’ve got – the POS, your ERP, cash recyclers and smart safes, self-checkouts, intelligent cash drawers, bill and coin counters, scales, and the general ledger. If you don’t see a system listed, it only means we might not have integrated with it yet, but VeriBalance can integrate with just about anything out there in the retail wild.

Regardless of type or manufacturer, VeriBalance seamlessly integrates with your systems to gather their data and turn it into meaningful, actionable insights you can use to better operate your enterprise.

Ready to make all your systems and devices part of a seamless, overall currency management solution? Contact us, and we’ll give you a call to discuss how VeriBalance can help you better monitor and manage your currency management devices to get the most from them.


Integrate any existing or future system, regardless of manufacturer

Store Virtualization

Manage all your devices through a single platform


Eliminate device silos to free your data