Make your systems and devices speak the same language

The VeriBalance platform’s unique store virtualization technology brings your systems and devices together via seamless integration that enables the holistic collection and presentation of their data. No longer will disparate systems require you and your store employees to spend valuable time on siloed, manual processes and reports. VeriBalance connects these systems to deliver immediate, actionable insights about your business so you can optimize accordingly.

Store virtualization also means that you can deploy the best set of technologies to match the needs of your stores — they don’t all have to be the same. With our VeriBalance platform, you can equip your stores with the right systems and devices to best serve your customers, while simultaneously giving your IT team a state-of-the-art software suite that’s flexible, extensible and ready to scale with your business.

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store virtualization

Simplify implementation of new systems and integrate existing technologies

store virtualization

Improve security and prevent loss by decreasing manual interaction with systems


Tailor configurations for each store to best fit their operational needs, maximizing efficiency at every location