Less time with cash. More time with customers.

Supermarkets have more to contend with than most other retailers – more points of sale, more payment types, more cash – taking valuable time away from serving customers and making corporate oversight cumbersome.

The VeriBalance platform tackles cash management from end to end and uses machine learning to make smart predictions on upcoming cash needs so stores are always prepared. It also makes managing self-checkouts and deposit logistics a snap.

Stop wasting valuable time digging through store reports to find loss and non-compliance. VeriBalance gives you the seamless in-store processes and corporate visibility you need to keep costs under control.

Ready to talk about making how VeriBalance can improve cash operations in your grocery stores? Contact us and we’ll give you a call to discuss how VeriBalance can help.

pos server

Take control of in-store devices

multiple payment types

Manage multiple payment types and non-cash items seamlessly


Give time back to store leaders for higher-value activity