November 16, 2017

When you’re thankful, you give back



It’s not hard to find things to be thankful for around here. As I’m writing this, I can hear a raucous game of ping pong, laughter coming from the other end of a conference call with a customer and a pack of tech wizards hammering away at an issue. Our cup runneth over here at Balance Innovations, but we don’t waste the bit that overflows. We pour it right back out to fill other cups.

Giving back to our community is important to us at Balance Innovations, both as a company and as individuals. While we definitely excel at making the best retail software platform there is, we know life’s not all about work.

Picture this: A customer care specialist, our CFO and me, all standing around peeling purple onions, singing our hearts out to Journey and gushing over Steve Perry, while 20 other groups of Balance Innovations folks are peeling and rocking alongside us. That’s just what we did at Harvesters earlier this year, and our time at Giving the Basics last week was no different. Having fun with our coworkers while working together for our community is the name of the game.


When the hurricane season devastated our neighbors to the south, we quickly organized a week of fundraising events. (Or, as I dubbed them, FUNdraising events.) Of course, the most successful efforts were the chili cook-off and the bake sale. Luckily, we didn’t have far to go to get an accurate count of the funds that went to Heart to Heart International.


This year’s Retail ROI’s Super Saturday inspired us as a company to commit to making the world a better place for children. We started with some basketball brackets and a heavy dose of trash-talking in the organization’s March Gladness event to help raise funds so that My Friend’s House could purchase a much-needed van. Just yesterday, our amazing Balance Innovations volunteers returned from the Dominican Republic as part of the Retail ROI initiative. On the trip, they helped train teachers, paint an orphanage and rewire a school. They also spoke with high school students about careers, interview skills, and the importance of education and having an entrepreneurial spirit.


Spreading the love outside our office walls is simply the right thing to do. It’s also strengthened our team, solidified our roots in Kansas City and empowered us to be good global citizens. Think it sounds like a great place to work? Learn more about joining our team!