October 11, 2018

VeriBalance: Giving valuable time back to stores and corporate


To say Carrie Fields is always on the go would be an understatement. As the front end operations specialist for Reasor’s, an 18-store grocery chain based in Oklahoma, she’s in stores every day to observe, coach employees and generally handle any problems that arise.


Her role also puts in her in charge of Reasor’s back offices, designing procedures, tracking over/shorts and performing investigations if necessary. On a typical day, she’s in as many as four stores, walking the office to check for procedural compliance, among many other front- and back-end management duties.


Since 2012, Reasor’s has been using VeriBalance software to manage cash and other payments. The software automates cash processes and reporting so that employees can focus on other tasks, like customer service and selling. It also provides vital analytics to Reasor’s corporate staff on metrics like balancing activity and the status of the safe.


In a case study, Reasor’s shares that VeriBalance has had a big impact on their business:

  • 50 percent reduction in time spent on reconciliation
  • Reallocation of office labor to the front end – two full-time positions in some stores
  • Dramatic improvement in front-end flow and efficiency
  • Consistent procedures that help employees move seamlessly between stores when needed


Fields reports that over time, because VeriBalance is such an integral part of Reasor’s cash operations and so easy to use, employees have been able to shave off an additional hour from reconciliation time, which is redirected to the front end of the stores.


As a 12-year veteran of the company who started as a cashier, Fields knows what an important effect more help on the front end can have. She and the rest of Reasor’s 2,500 employees are laser-focused on providing the best customer experience they can, and part of that experience is helping shoppers find the items they need and check out quickly.


With the extra time created by VeriBalance, Reasor’s store employees can provide that excellent customer service. Each store’s office manager has more time to help move shoppers through at the front end and at the Guest Services counter with sales tax exemptions, returns, rewards cards, lottery, and Western Union.


Employees’ work at stores and Fields’ own job would be a lot tougher without VeriBalance. Though she visits stores every day, she doesn’t have to spend time doing the basic checks of cash reconciliation metrics she would without the software. Fields estimates she saves three hours a week with the automated reporting from VeriBalance.


“Without VeriBalance, I would spend a lot of time driving to different locations daily to see what their safe amount is and help research any over/shorts,” said Fields. “But with it, I can access store accounts from my office. The daily reports save me a lot of time.”