August 4, 2016

The top 5 benefits of POS integration



You know your technology. You’ve chosen POS systems, corporate systems, self-checkouts and bill counters carefully. But do these technologies know each other? No matter how automated each of these devices and solutions is, you’re missing out on efficiency, security and accountability if your technologies only operate independently.


When you invest in a platform that integrates all your devices, including your POS, at a single point, you’ll make the most of your technology, optimize your employees’ time and bring efficiency to your enterprise – all with a comprehensive corporate view. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Perform routine daily functions quickly and easily. Save time and effort by completing pickups, loans, till reconciliation, safe reconciliation, deposits, cash-ins, paid in/outs and more all in one platform at the store level, with enterprise-wide visibility into it all for corporate.
  2. Reallocate labor. Because your employees will need to spend less time completing redundant tasks and moving data between systems, they’ll have more time to spend where it counts – on the customer experience.
  3. Eliminate errors inherent in manual processes. The retail front end is a busy place, and store leaders often get interrupted or distracted by other duties while performing currency management tasks, creating potential for errors. Integration means your data is communicated seamlessly among systems, without manual input mistakes.
  4. Enhance the security of your data. When your systems are integrated, the reconciliation data from till balances and other functions is fed directly to the POS and compared without any manual input from the store employee. That eliminates the opportunity for someone to manipulate the data to cover fraud. 
  5. Customize for any accountability (cashier, lane or mixed). POS integration makes it easier to maintain whatever accountability you wish. Cashier accountable? Count and manage funds more efficiently. Lane accountable? Get the corporate and store-level oversight you need to identify and track fraud.


The retail currency management process has a lot of moving parts – any one of which can trip up your organization and increase your cost of accepting cash. Through integration, manual procedures and reporting become a thing of the past, streamlining your operations from top to bottom.




 Image: iStock