April 19, 2018

Teamwork: the most important ingredient

teamwork great retail software 

What does it take to create a great retail software platform? Even greater teamwork.

Last month, a group of Balance Innovations employees from all departments and levels of management spent the afternoon at
Happy Bottoms, a local diaper bank. Our task was to un-box one pallet of diapers and re-wrap them into bundles of 25. Almost immediately, we had three processing lines going at full speed. There was no discussion about how to organize ourselves — all 20 of us simply moved into a position and got to work. After 2 hours and some gentle razzing among ourselves about NCAA tournament brackets, we processed 18,860 diapers, taking down not just one but two pallets of diapers in our allotted time.

Are we that amazing with plastic wrap? Nope, we just really excel at working as a team. We work together seamlessly on any challenge – whether it’s helping our community or creating a solution to help make retail better.

Throughout our organization, we work on cross-functional teams. From our product steering committee to our company event planning, we’re intentional about having a diverse mix of voices, experience and talents in the room. It’s what makes us creative in the way we solve problems for our company and our customers.

Our collaborative culture is apparent everywhere in our office. Meeting rooms and hallways feature Kanban boards for the latest product features, sticky notes with customer-inspired ideas, or colorful tech outlining currency data flow. Impromptu huddles happen almost anywhere even over a fiery game of ping pong. This constant flow of communication allows us to readily tune into our customers and each other.

Last November, we learned that we had earned a 2018 Great Place to Work certification. We were pumped to have our culture recognized and work-life balance celebrated. For us, working well together means that our customers get the best out of our solutions and services.

With the arrival of spring, Kansas City Corporate Challenge, an Olympics-like event for local companies begins. One of our favorite events is softball, where killer outfielders and those with poor depth perception (me) figure out creative ways to not drop the ball. That’s the beauty of a great team: You’re never alone out there in the right field.