December 10, 2015

Survey: Long lines ruin the shopping experience

Shoppers don't like long lines


Long checkout lines – is there anyone who likes them? My guess is no, and our latest survey tells the same story: They ruin the shopping experience for customers.

In a recent survey of more than 1,600 shoppers, 83 percent of respondents said one of their top checkout pet peeves was long lines because there weren’t enough cashiers. Other top gripes included unfriendly cashiers and slow cashiers. You don’t want those customers leaving the store out of frustration without making a purchase, and you certainly don’t want them tweeting about it when they go.




The obvious answer is to have more open lanes, right? Well, sure, but who is going to do the checking and what are they going to stop doing to go check?  Our latest white paper shares more insights into shopper irritation  and has some ideas to help your customers leave with a positive impression.




Image: Shutterstock