Store Audit Checklist

Make sure you’re covering all the bases

Store cash management audits can be tricky. You want to quickly assess whether policies are being followed and your funds are being handled properly and then let your store employees get back to selling and working with customers.

If you want to make sure your store audits are asking the right questions, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve spent a lot of time helping retailers optimize their audit procedures.  From that experience, we’ve developed this Store Audit Checklist.

You’ll get a list of questions that will help your audits stay on track, including:

  • Is the store maintaining a cashier spot-check log?
  • Is the store complying with company deposit procedure limitations and guidelines?
  • Is the store reviewing the prior day’s override report for policy exceptions?

Get the inside scoop on the cash management questions your auditors should be asking in this quick checklist.

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