Shopper Satisfaction Hinges on Customer Service

What’s bugging shoppers and what you can do to avoid it

It’s one of the most basic tenets of retailing: customer service is the key to success. Yet when it comes to shopping, we’ve all been there: Fruitlessly searching the store for the item you came for, only to discover it’s out of stock – and you couldn’t find someone to ask for help. Or locating that special item, getting to the checkout and finding a long line.

In a survey of more than 1,300 shoppers, we asked what drives them crazy when they shop. We learned a lot about shopper satisfaction and we think you will too:

  • The top three shopper pet peeves
  • The impact of finding knowledgeable help while shopping
  • Who’s most frustrated by not being able to find the item they came for
  • Who gets irritated when they see the item cheaper online
  • Tips on how to make more time for your customers

Customer service has a big impact on customer experience, how your customers perceive your stores and shopper satisfaction. Find out what they’re thinking and how you can help.

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