Reasor’s Case Study

Supermarket finds more time for customers and more consistent operations with VeriBalance

Reasor’s had implemented solutions meant to save time and money before, but nothing was meeting their expectations or goals. Interested in expediting procedures and making processes consistent throughout the chain, they selected VeriBalance to streamline their currency management.  

Once implemented, VeriBalance, along with check processing solution vbEPIX, provided significant time savings in reconciliation, helping Reasor’s to move employees previously tied up with office duties out to the front end.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Reasor’s:

  • Reduced time spent in the cash office by 50 percent
  • Moved staff to the front end to meet customer needs
  • Seamlessly moved team members between stores with no learning curve

Reasor’s prides itself on putting its customers first, and VeriBalance helped them deliver on that promise. Find out more about how they achieved their goals with streamlined currency management.

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