K‑VA‑T Case Study: VeriBalance

Supermarket gains consistency, increased productivity and more time for customers with VeriBalance

Initially, K‑VA‑T didn’t think they had a problem in their cash offices, but they knew they had some inconsistencies across the stores. Reconciling tills, self-checkouts and safes were manual processes, requiring significant labor hours – twice as long at some stores than others. Tracking loss was daunting and they sought a software-driven process to help them track and manage cash by denomination. Overall, they wanted consistency, efficiency, and more time for customer service.

VeriBalance addressed all these areas and more for K‑VA‑T stores. A tremendous reduction in back office labor has allowed K‑VA‑T to move high-value employees to customer-facing positions. Because the system is so simple to learn, they now have greater flexibility in hiring and scheduling.

In this case study, learn more about how K‑VA‑T:

  • Significantly reduced reconciliation time, increasing productivity by 4.8 percent
  • Reduced self-checkout balancing from daily to just once per week
  • Lowered shrink with tighter controls and the ability to track cash by denomination

Valued as one of the biggest benefits of VeriBalance for K‑VA‑T, the reallocation of back office labor hours has paid great dividends. Find out how it helped K‑VA‑T put more of their associates in front of customers to enhance customer service and productivity.

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