The Inside Scoop on Cash Back White Paper

How consumers are using it and how to manage the process wisely

Consumers have shown they value the convenience and ease of getting cash back from a debit transaction, and offering it to them creates opportunities to increase store traffic and lower transaction costs. But like so many payment trends that have become commonplace in retail, offering customers this service comes at a cost to the retailer when it creates problems, like unpredictable cash demand.

By understanding who uses cash back and why, you can ensure your policies keep your customers happy and your bottom line healthy. In this white paper, you’ll find out:

  • Who’s getting cash back during retail transactions
  • Why they opt for cash back over a trip to the ATM
  • Why retailers might be hesitant to offer it
  • What steps you can take to optimize the cash back process

You might be avoiding offering cash back because of the headaches it can cause for cash on hand in your stores. When you take proactive steps to establish policies that benefit both your customers and your business, you’ll build rapport that keeps customers coming back.

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