The Hidden Costs of Accepting Cash eBook

Don’t let the cost of cash sneak up on your business

In the retail industry, there’s a dizzying array of payment choices you can offer your customers, and new methods often make headlines. While some of these payment types struggle for widespread acceptance by consumers, cash remains a vital player in the retail payment space.  

Accepting cash isn’t always as simple as it seems. The factors that go into handling, managing and accounting for cash add up to be more expensive than most retailers realize. In some cases, it’s even more expensive than accepting credit cards.

This eBook looks at the retail cash process and highlights areas you might be overlooking, including:

  • Pickups, loans and starting amounts
  • Bank and armored car fees
  • Cross-shipping
  • Cash demand and idle cash
  • Inefficient reporting
  • Corporate policies around currency management

After you’ve read it, you’ll be ready to take a hard look at your own cost of cash and find ways to reduce it.

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