Cash Multipliers: A Retail Industry Study by IHL Group

Reduce the cost of cash to increase retail sales and profit

Even though a lot has changed in retail, one thing that hasn’t is the way most retailers handle their cash. And because these processes are largely manual and repetitive, they end up costing retailers – big.

IHL Group’s 2018 study, “Cash Multipliers,” reveals just how much cash costs: 4 to 15 percent of annual cash sales, depending on retailer type and size. But it’s not just the larger retailers with a high cost of cash. IHL’s study reveals that smaller retailers can fall victim to the same labor-intensive procedures as Tier 1 enterprises.

In this study, you’ll learn about:

  • The key components of the cost of cash
  • The types of solutions that help keep costs down
  • How to calculate your own company’s cost of cash

Wondering how much your cash costs you? After you’ve read the study, you’ll be ready to take a look at your own organization and take steps to improve.

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