Bad Stores and How to Fix Them eBook

Transform bad stores with better currency management

Every retailer has stores that are not up to par with the rest of the chain. Stores that don’t follow procedures, stores with high cash loss, or stores with high staff and management turnover – or a combination of these issues – are often called bad stores.

Currency management is an area that helps you address the challenges in bad stores. Optimizing your procedures and technology surrounding cash reduces back office labor, creating more time to work with customers. At corporate, it also helps you keep a closer eye on what’s happening in your stores, so you can find out what’s challenging some of your locations.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How turnover affects store performance – and how to minimize its impact
  • How to better monitor and manage procedural compliance
  • How limiting labor hours based on conversion rates can hurt customer experience and how optimizing currency management can help
  • How to stop cash loss in challenged stores

Are you trying to improve performance at struggling stores in your chain?  After you’ve read this eBook, you’ll be ready to coach them to success.

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