Grocery Retailing Payments Study

Payment benchmarks and trends you need to know about

The payments landscape continues to change because of shifting shopper preferences, security concerns and new technology — making it important for retailers to stay on top of trends, as well as periodically review and update their own payment processing policies.

Partnering with the National Grocers Association, we wanted to understand how retailers are using technology of all kinds to provide their customers with the best experience and how they navigate the payments landscape. We also gathered consumer insights to help guide retailers as they make important choices about their store technologies.

In the Grocery Retailing Payments Study, you’ll find benchmarks for:

  • Checkout practices, including POS updates and self-checkout management strategies
  • Front-end technology implementation and consumer confidence in credit/debit safety
  • E-commerce and home delivery
  • Payments by cash, credit, debit, check and mobile
  • Cash operations

Finding out how your stores stack up against other retailers can keep you ahead of your competition. After you’ve read the results of the study, you’ll be armed with the information you need to advance your store payment technology and cash operations.

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