June 23, 2016

NRF Protect: Demos, security concerns and The Hit King” Pete Rose”



“This solution is the best thing I’ve seen at NRF Protect in five years.”

That’s a pretty nice thing to hear about your company’s signature solution. We gave more demos than I can count of our VeriBalance platform at our booth at NRF Protect in Philadelphia, and that was just one bit of praise we heard as we showed what it can do to help loss prevention professionals identify, track and resolve exceptions quickly.

When I wasn’t in the exhibit hall, I had time to attend some educational and informative sessions. As I mentioned in my post leading up to the show, I was eager to check out the Houston, We Have a Problem session. There I learned that security concerns for retailers go beyond the credit card breaches we often hear about on the news. Hackers try all kinds of ways to get into retailers’ systems, including emails made to appear as though they are from a trusted coworker, requesting the transfer of funds or data. Retailers have to employ powerful security measures to keep customer data – and their own money and information – safe.

The session made it clear that third-party technology providers have a great responsibility as they interact with retail systems and data. We share in that commitment, and because the VeriBalance platform is integrated to the POS and other systems, we take our responsibility for pete-rose.pngour retailers’ security very seriously. The stakes are high, and we’ve prepared by designing our platform with multi-layer security with features like intrusion detection and prevention, event management, and network traffic control.

When I wasn’t soaking up what the sessions had to offer, I was able to slip away for a photo with Pete Rose, who was on site courtesy of NRF. NRF Protect kept me so busy, though, that I wasn’t able to pursue my quest to find the best cheesesteak in town, so I guess I’ll just have to make a trip back.