June 7, 2018

NRF Protect 2018: What to look for



When I go to NRF Protect, I’m always struck by the wide swath of challenges LP professionals face each day. From ORC to data breaches to inventory shrink to cash loss – there’s a lot on your plate.


In Booth 1504 at the show, we’ll be showing you ways create connections with your stores, your customers, and your systems and devices. We help you get your cash under control so you can better focus on everything else.


There are a lot of offerings that help you count or secure your cash, but for truly optimized cash management, you need a comprehensive approach. Look for:


Deposit tracking

Retailers shared with us their struggles with reconciling armored car reports, bank fees and their own records of deposits. It’s cumbersome and frustrating, and the manual tasks involved keep you from finding loss fast enough to stop it. A seamless deposit tracking process, however, lets you create a deposit and track it every step of the way. Seek out a solution that empowers you to optimize your CIT deposit schedule and minimize cash exposure.


POS and device integration

When you want to keep tabs on your cash at the store, field and corporate levels, you need a simple way to gather the data of any device in any store. Look for a cash management solution that aggregates device and system data and delivers immediate, actionable insights. When you know about cash loss faster, you’ll be able to act faster too.


Field and corporate reporting

Whether you’re conducting a routine cash audit or an investigation into a problem employee, you need to have data in hand to support you. Having key metrics like over/short, safe counts and deposit totals means you’ll be able to ask informed questions that reveal fraud or training opportunities. Make sure any cash management solution you choose gives you customizable reports and alerts so you can find out quickly when metrics exceed thresholds you’ve chosen and act fast to stop loss.



Flexibility is the most important quality you should look for in a cash management solution. Selecting one type of device, armored car provider or managed service doesn’t let you give each store in your chain the tools they need to ward off loss, and it doesn’t future-proof your business. When you choose a cash management platform, you’ll be able to put the right devices and systems in the right stores, and you’ll be able to seamlessly switch to another type of device in the future if your business needs it.


VeriBalance offers all that and more, and we’ll be in the exhibit hall, ready to show you how easy it is. Come visit Derek, Stephanie and me to find out what it can do for you. Schedule a personalized demo now!