December 14, 2017

Most-clicked topics reveal one of retailers’ top concerns



Our most-viewed blog posts of 2017 tell us quite a bit about what’s been on retailers’ minds this year. An overall theme seems to pop up when you look at the topics that had readers clicking — process improvement.

The retailers who read our blog are looking for ways to make the “have-tos” of retail more efficient so that their employees can be more productive. After all, spending time on tasks and processes doesn’t build customer loyalty or boost profits  spending time with customers does.


So which posts had retailers wanting to learn more about making non-productive processes better? Let’s take a look.

  1. 8 silly things retailers do with their cash This is one of our most recent posts just two weeks ago, as a matter of fact but it must have struck a chord of curiosity. It’s far and away our most popular post, probably because it shines a light on things happening in your stores you might not know about.

  2. Get your bad stores back on track With key operational tips for shaping up less-than-ideal stores in your enterprise, this post helps you bring your bad stores up to speed.

  3. The secret to successful store audits A perennial favorite, this post helps you make sure your audit game is on point with a list of sample questions and tips on timing and more.

  4. The value of standardization and consistency in retail Wondering if all your stores are following your procedures to the letter? Trust us: They aren’t. Find out how to get everyone on the same page.

  5. What’s your cost of accepting cash? — The hidden costs of accepting cash are many and varied, and they sneak up on you from every angle. Find out how to control them in this post.

  6. Accountability | Weighing the pros and cons — Choosing the right type of accountability for your front end means a lot to your loss prevention, operations and treasury teams. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of both cashier accountability and lane accountability.

  7. Every minute counts in stores and at corporate — Every retailer wants to make the most of their employees’ time on the clock. Find out how to ensure that time is well spent.

  8. How to better manage exception reporting — Are you too controlling with exceptions in your stores? Or too laid-back? Neither one is good, and they both cost you money. Find out how to locate a middle ground plus a handy infographic!

  9. Selecting new technology | What does POS integration mean? — Integration can mean different things for different technologies. Learn the questions you need to ask any vendor to make sure you’re getting the full value out of a new technology. 

  10. 7 things retailers can do with 30 extra minutes — This is the perfect one to round out our Top 10. Once you tighten up your processes and compliance, what can your employees do with that newfound time? Quite a few things, actually — and they all improve your stores.

2018 is coming soon very soon. Take a minute to reflect on 2017 and think about how you can do things even better next year, with tips from some of our thought leaders at Balance Innovations.

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