October 13, 2015

Is it time to upgrade your POS system?




Are you thinking about upgrading or replacing your point-of-sale (POS) system in 2016? If so, you’re in good company. A 2015 study of POS providers by Vertical Systems Reseller (VSR) magazine found that three in five providers have seen increased sales in the last year, indicating that a lot of retailers are choosing to make a change.

So why are retailers making the switch? The study tells us that 38 percent of respondents said the top pain point was that the retailer’s POS system was outdated, and 28 percent said they were hearing retailers say that it was too hard to add functionality or modules. 


No one likes to be behind the times, and the reasons for making a change are plentiful. VSR’s survey shows that PCI compliance (53%), adding mobile POS (49%) and improving customer service/experience (39%) are the main drivers for POS change.


Do any of those concerns sound familiar? They do to us. 


When talking with retailers, we hear a lot about the desire to integrate standalone technologies like the POS to others in the store. We have seen retailers purchase self-checkout systems, smart safes, cash recyclers and other store systems only to find them valuable, yet a challenge to manage. 


When I hear that 28 percent of retailers want to change their POS system because it’s too difficult to add new functionality to their existing system, I know that the problem is not a lack of POS functionality but a lack of integration. Integration between your POS and self-checkout systems, smart safes and cash recyclers leads to greater front-end efficiency, better cash management and, in the end, more time with customers. And what retailer isn’t looking for that?