December 3, 2015

How can retailers make more time for customer service?


Image: Shutterstock


All retailers want to be able to make more time for customer service. A recent study of consumer behavior by TimeTrade reported that more than half of survey respondents indicated they were extremely likely to make a purchase if they were helped by a knowledgeable sales associate. If your employees are more available to your customers, spending in your stores is invariably increased. 

So you know you need to find more time for your employees to help check or to assist customers out on the floor and, in turn, improve customer service. But where does that time come from? There are innumerable tasks to be completed in retail, and they’re all important in one way or another. It’s about making those tasks more efficient so you can free up time for customer-facing tasks.

It’s a trickle-down effect. When your store leadership is occupied with cash management, handling or reconciliation tasks, they aren’t available to help in other areas. If a manager is constantly running to and from the customer service desk with loans to registers or counting down the self-checkout units or preparing reports for corporate, they aren’t available to customers. Those are knowledgeable, trusted employees who are stuck on non-revenue-generating tasks. Wouldn’t you rather them be out in the aisles assisting shoppers or helping move the checkout lines along?