July 19, 2018

Drive employee engagement to lower loss

SMG employee engagement


It’s well established that engaged employees perform better. In retail, the impact of an employee who’s invested in their work is easy to see – it results in greater productivity, more customer satisfaction and a better bottom line.


But what about when employees aren’t engaged? Not only do sales and customer experience suffer, but it can also lead to loss. Employees who feel disconnected with their work are more likely to succumb to personal or professional pressures that drive theft.


Balance Innovations and SMG have co-authored {{cta(‘2c24bdf3-b6bd-444d-95b7-cc6635d1fbe9’)}} that delves into the reasons for and risks associated with a lack of employee engagement, as well as how to implement tools that identify loss if it does occur. You’ll learn:

  • How to minimize professional pressures
  • Why retail employees don’t feel engaged at work
  • How to minimize opportunities to steal with internal controls and technology
  • How technology can drive engagement


The right technologies empower your employees, instead of replacing them, allowing them to provide the best possible experience for your customers. As you compete with online retailers, remember that your employees are one of your best weapons. Their excitement about being in your stores is infectious for your customers, so make sure you’ve taken every step you can to drive engagement with them. Read the article now (no registration!) to learn more.