December 16, 2019

Three Trends and Sessions to Dive into at NRF 2020

With more than 38,000 attendees and over 175 sessions, NRF’s Retail Big Show is a playground for all things retail innovation. It’s the place to jumpstart your year with new technologies and big ideas that will drive successful improvements and advancement in the new year.

As beneficial as it can be, it also can be daunting to navigate. In preparation for the event, here are three retail trends and corresponding sessions that will help you see beyond your current infrastructure and challenges to envision what’s possible.


Big Show is a place for retailers to see beyond the challenges of today and focus on their future goals. Leaders and innovators in the industry will share their big ideas to propel you forward in the new year. Check out these sessions that will inspire and leave you wanting to see beyond.

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Retailers know the importance of the customer experience, but a defined strategy with tangible ROI can be a challenge to achieve. These sessions will help you identify how to raise the bar on your customer experience strategies. 


With retailers facing new challenges to create experiences that stand above the convenience of online shopping, disruption and transformation are essential for a thriving business. Here are sessions focused on pushing the boundaries and changing the retail game.

  • Cool robot, now what?
    RBS, An Ahold Delhaize Company, Breakthrough Solutions Consulting, Badger Technologies
    While there is hype about robots in retail, these multipurpose robots can fill gaps in the store and gain actionable business insights to optimize store operations and elevate the shopping experience.
  • Capitalizing on the currency of innovation and building for a stronger tomorrow
    NRF, Mastercard
    Technology and consumer expectations are constantly evolving. In this fireside chat you’ll garner insights on how to maximize partnerships and technologies that support your long-term vision.
  • How predictive technology enhances your bottom line
    Amazon Web Services
    Learn from experts how predictive technology can create connected experiences for your customers.

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