Balance Innovations uses the AWS Cloud to provide cash process automation solutions at scale to retailers.  

On-premise systems are securely integrated into VeriBalance as IoT devices. POS, recyclers, smart safes, self checkouts, bill counters, scales, and coin counters connect to the platform via published APIs. Devices can also connect through the VeriBalance System Gateway to give retailers a real-time view of their retail operation.

By integrating device data, VeriBalance can drive predictive analytics about a retailer's cash operations to help them operate with the right amount of cash while taking into account historical trends.

Device Integration


Microservice Architecture

VeriBalance is built in AWS as a microservice architecture leveraging AWS Fargate for container management, RDS, S3 and DynamoDB for storage, IoT for device connectivity, SNS+SQS for reliable real-time data processing. Balance Innovations' modern microservices architecture allows for continuous response to changes and in small, incremental steps.

Balance Innovations & AWS

The VeriBalance solution allows retailers to keep track of currency movements within their stores and integrates with armored car services to deliver a full lifecycle of cash and check management.

How AWS Benefits Balance Innovations Customers